Comparative Study of Parental obligations: the perspectives of Islam and Christianity


  • Dr. Samina Kausar Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Govt. Associate College for women, Gulshan Colony, Faisalabad.
  • Dr. Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Lecturer, Department of Arabic, Govt. Municipal Graduate College, Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad.


Parents, Children, Development, Religions, Christianity, Islam


When an individual comes in the world, he/she is welcomed by his/her parents. Parents receive the gift of Allah and become ready to bring up the child to fulfill the obligation that society and religion has assigned to them. In every society, it is the duty of parents to look after their younger offspring and train to them according to the demands of society and religion. Each and every parent of the word train their younger ones to respond and serve the society according to their own faith. Intact, parents have significant responsibilities in training, shaping, molding and developing their children's personality and life. This study highlighted the parental responsibilities of Muslim and Christians in comparative way. Islam and Christianity, both are monotheists and believe in one Allah and have guideline to spend the life in the form of holy books i.e., Quran and Bible. This article reviewed the responsibilities of Muslim and Christian parents in the light of religious orders. It also highlighted the role and duties of parents in both the religions.




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