About the Journal

Aim & Scope

Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal is a Multi-languages research journal which is biannually been published by the Department of Islamic Studies Since 2020. It will be recognized by The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan,. 

Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed research journal. It covers every field of research being conducted under the umbrella of Islamic thought. Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal promotes harmonious understanding among various schools of thought. Without any doubt, the Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research is deliberately playing a significant role in developing indigenous research approaches through its research innovations, which consequently will help in the improvement of the process of understanding Islamic values. One of the reasons behind publishing this journal was to promote the process of research in which the resolutions can be found to the problems, that are being faced by society today.

Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal encourages researchers to produce quality research so that the purpose of research stays unharmed. It aims to play a vital role in the betterment of society by publishing quality researches that include the contemporary problems of society and how these problems can be resolved. It is very important to address these Contemporary issues rather than highlighting the issues of the past because in today’s world people are facing new problems that differ from the old ones.

Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal interprets Islamic thoughts in the context of intellectual and advanced scientific approaches. Having the intellectual thoughts and scientific approaches side by side, this journal can help in enhancing the true meaning and spirit of Islam. One of the most vicious and harmful elements, that is being raised in a society is the idea that Islam “promotes” extremism. With the help of quality researches, this journal aims to minimize such types of false interpretations of Islam.

Al-Āfāq Islamic Research Journal will continue its efforts to peruse and promote a profound and insightful study of Islam. From time to time the journal will publish special issues on various aspects of Islamic society.